“Diana Orrock has been a tireless leader among Nevada Republicans, serving as our National Committeewoman for the past three years. She has always distinguished herself as a voice for individual liberty and conservative values. Diana has been unafraid to take on controversial issues, such as warrantless wiretaps, during her time on the RNC.

She has been an outspoken opponent of the largest tax increase in Nevada history. Not only will Diana Orrock work to protect Nevada taxpayers from future tax increases, she will vote to repeal these damaging taxes in her first session.

Nevada conservatives can trust Diana Orrock to hold the line on taxes, and demand that state government lives within its means. She will protect against additional erosion of our individual rights. Diana’s tendency to attack issues directly, as opposed to the weak-tea approach many establishment politicians, both Republican and Democrat, take is a refreshing change that is sorely needed in Carson City.

Please join me in supporting Diana Orrock for Assembly District 9.”

Ron Knecht, Nevada Controller

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I offer my endorsement of Diana Orrock in the race for Assembly District 9. I have worked directly with Diana for two years on the Republican National Committee, and as our National Committeewoman, she is one of the most dedicated members of the RNC to the cause of Liberty. She believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be the guiding principles for all Republicans.

I trust Diana to keep her word in any and all of her campaign promises. She has proven unafraid to stand up and be counted, even when she is in a substantial minority, because she will vote her principles without hesitation. Diana will not cave in to special interests or political pressure. She can be counted on to hold the line on any tax increases and even work to reduce taxes in our state. Diana will be a champion of the Second Amendment that Conservatives in our state can count on. She will not vote to pass bills without reading and understanding them completely.

Diana Orrock will be responsive to her constituents and fight for what the majority of Nevadans really want, which is less government and lower taxes. She will always be a reliable Constitutional Conservative.

I wholeheartedly endorse Diana Orrock in the race for Assembly District 9, and I encourage everyone in the district to vote for Diana Orrock!!

James Smack
Former Republican National Committeeman for Nevada

It’s about time someone like Diana Orrock runs for office in Nevada. Diana stands behind the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Diana would not only like to reduce your taxes, but also reduce the size of government. Her stances on education, healthcare, and the 1st Amendment are just what Nevada needs. She is sincere, professional, and dedicated to helping us be a strong Republican state. I’m a Vietnam vet and appreciate her support for not only our veterans, but our military as well.

Frank Spady
Las Vegas, NV