Where does Diana Orrock stand on the Important Issues?

When you have an agenda, the only solutions to problems you will see
are those that fall within the confines of that agenda.


Tax OpinionOpposed to what you hear, Nevada’s residents and businesses are NOT under-taxed and state government is NOT underfunded. Our budget problems arise and are the result of years of overspending. Unfortunately, the current incumbent assemblyman in AD 9 doesn’t agree and actually voted for the $1.4billion tax increase in the 2015 legislative session, the LARGEST tax increase in Nevada’s history.

Government cannot tax the residents and businesses into prosperity. In fact, the recently adopted gross receipts tax and selective taxes on specific businesses will ultimately drive many businesses away from our state and cause others to close their doors. Taxes that are supposed to sunset should do just that, NOT be extended or made permanent. Our tax dollars should not be used to pick winners and losers in the business community.


education opinionLocal control of education, where money follows the child, gives parents the most options in school choice. The Educational Savings Accounts legislation that was passed in the 2015 legislative session was a great first step in that direction, but could be improved so that kids currently in private and home schools wouldn’t have to first attend public school for 100 days before their parents could set up an ESA account.

Common Core standards/curriculum needs to be eliminated from consideration and implementation due to the myriad of problems it has encountered across this nation by students, parents, and teachers in schools where it has been tested. The data mining that goes along with Common Core should also be eliminated to ensure that our children’s records remain private and are never shared without prior parental approval.

Health Care

Healthcare opinionsGovernment should not be in control of your health care decisions and is never the most efficient or cost effective manager of anything under its control. The free market always offers cost effective and more efficient options because it invites competition for how and where you want to spend your money.

I support tort reform, the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines and tax-credited health savings accounts. And just as I did with my own children, parents and their doctor should have primary power to make decisions concerning their children’s health care, not government mandates.

The Second Amendment/Gun Control

Gun ControlI support our Second Amendment right that guarantees the individual’s right to keep and bear arms without infringement. Responsible, law-abiding individuals have every right to protect themselves and family members from the threat of bodily harm.

I fully support the ability of licensed CCW permit holders to carry on campus. Just as imposed “gun free” zones on campuses and other locations alert criminals to large numbers of unarmed citizens, gun control measures simply embolden and benefit criminals, who we all know don’t abide by laws. I also support reciprocity laws with all states to carry concealed weapons across state lines.